Sunday, October 4, 2009

A daring success!!

I guess sometimes it pays to be a little crazy! As some may know, I am about to have a baby. Well, this stubborn little dude was breech (head UP) for a long time. In my efforts to avoid a c-section my doctor scheduled me for a procedure called an external version. This is where 2 doctors try to turn the baby from the outside of my stomach. One tries pulling while the other pushes. All the while I am hooked up to an ultrasound so they can ensure the babies safety. Now, I have had this done 2 times, and let's just say it is NOT very comfortable to say the least. In fact..... it KILLS! I had it done with Kennedy and she wouldn't turn and that is why she was born C-section. Emma was also breech, and I had it done with her and she turned! Yeah Emma!! Thanks to that I have been able to avoid subsequent surgeries! Anyway, back to my point. We were hoping the baby would turn on his own before the version, but I was a little skeptical. I tried different suggestions to get him to move, but they didn't seem to work. The night before we had to go, we went swimming at the pool on base. My friend Lisa suggested I try doing a handstand in the water! Well.......

I did! and I do believe it worked!! When we went to Lawton the next morning, they got me all set up for the version, IV and all. When he went to the ultrasound he said "well look at that, a successful version!!" The baby had turned!! He said he had probably just turned the night before!! Maybe that shows that he isn't stubborn afterall!! Can't wait to meet this little guy!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

I AM talented!

I'm always teasing about not having those nice outwardly noticeable talents like sewing, crafting, playing the piano, etc. Sometimes I must admit I am envious of all the crafty fun things people can make (okay, I know, I can learn..... and I do at least copy them and make them with them) :) It is embarrassing when my friend Ashley made Maile a cape for her birthday and the snap wouldn't stay on and I had to ask her to put some velcro on! I'm surprised she didn't just say "come on Julie it is just velcro, how easy is that?" (she is way too nice to say that!) Anyway, my point is, I have found a way in which I AM crafty! Jodi found this graphic and emailed it to me.... I think it just may fit!!! What do you think? :)