Sunday, February 7, 2016

Better Late than Never.... :)

We haven't blogged on this for a very long time. This is Emma, and I'm going to help my mom blog. I'm not going to go through and tell everything that's happened since 2009. I'm just going to skim through, and then start from now. First I'm going to say all of the kids ages. Kennedy is 14, I am 13, Maile is 11, Landon is 9,  Ashton is 8 and was recently BAPTIZED! Easton turned 6 in October and started kindergarten this year. He absolutely loves it and has a great teacher! The Bahr family is also now a major sports family. Landon, Ashton and Easton all play baseball and basketball (at different times of course). Landon really wants to start football or soccer too. All the girls play softball. Kennedy and I both play volleyball and Maile is in a volleyball club where she learns to play volleyball. Kennedy plays school basketball as well. We are very busy but LOVE it! :) Maile, Landon, Ashton, and I take piano lessons.
We moved to Mississippi about 1.5 years ago and really like it here.  We live on a cul de sac and have a great neighborhood and wonderful neighbors.
Here are our recent school pictures!