Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All 3 Bahr girls start school!!

Okay, so the girls started school on August 11th (way too early in my opinion :) ) We have a thing in our family that we pick out our clothes the night before so that the morning will go by smoothly. Well, Monday night before school we did just that. The girls had everything laid out and were really excited. Every night before we (Micah and I) go to sleep, he checks on the kids......this is what he found!!!
They were so excited that at some point, while we were in our room, they came out, put their school clothes on and proceeded to fall asleep. (Maile apparently wasn't in on this little escapade) We were cracking up!! We took some pix and returned them to their jammies so their school clothes would be somewhat fresh! :)
Here is miss smiley Maile. She was so thrilled to be starting kindergarten and to go to the same school as her sisters. She kept saying "I get to see Kennedy and Emma at school". She has the same teacher that Emma had last year. Her name is Mrs. Walling and she is wonderful!
Here is Emma all ready for 1st grade! They wanted to match each other, so incidentally Maile's little shrug was WAY too big as she had to wear one of her sisters! Emma is lucky enough to have Jennie McLeod for her teacher. (The same teacher Kennedy had for kindergarten)
Kennedy is starting 3rd grade this year. Wow!! Where does time go? She loves school and was very excited to be starting again. (although she too wished summer was a couple weeks longer)
My 3 girlies! I am so thankful for them and the good girls that they are. So many people were so glad for school to start, but I miss them. I know it is good for them (and let's be honest the house is much more quiet during the day) but it is always nice to have them home. Landon and Ashton miss them tons too! Landon wakes up and says "where are the sisters"? It is really cute. They are lucky to have each other and I love how they look out for each other.
Thanks to Ashley we have this picture of Maile in her classroom. She looks pretty happy wouldn't you say? Let's just hope this enthusiasm for school holds out!
Here is Maile's good little friend Isaac. She was so excited to see him lined up that she barely even said goodbye to me! She is so happy to have a friend go to her school. She rushed right out of the car door to give him a hug! Yay for friends!


  1. Whaaa-Hoooo! I love your blog! I am so excited you started one! Love those cute pictures of the kiddos.
    Sigh...I am missing those lazy summer days already!

  2. Great new blog Bahr's --- We love the pictures of the kids ... Any idea where we can get such great pictures taken? :)

    Miss you guys --- See you when we get back next week!


    The Bing's

  3. Yeah!! Like you said it is fun to read your friends blogs the most. I love the outfit story. I miss my girls and summer too.

  4. Julie,
    I can't believe how big all your children are getting. They are all very good-looking! Wow! Your girls are adorable, all matching in their stylish shrugs. Happy schooling.