Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kennedy and Emma meet "real life" drama

The Missoula Children's Theatre came to Altus last week and fun was to be had by all! (That is right, even in small town Altus we get big time opportunities! :) ) It is actually a really amazing thing. Kennedy and Emma showed up on Monday to audition, received their parts, practiced everyday the rest of the week and then performed in the play "Princess and the Pea" on Saturday afternoon! Everyone was able to memorize their lines, songs, etc. in just one short week! The girls had a blast and really learned a lot! I am glad our friend Shalisa has been telling me for the last year how wonderful it is... she was right! And, it is on base and totally free!! I'm tellin' y'all, Altus has a lot to offer!!!

It has given the kids a different perspective on movies. The other day they were watching High School Musical 3 and Kennedy said "Wow! They had a lot of lines to memorize!"

We went to the play with the rest of the family and it was awesome. They did a great job and it was soo fun to watch!
Emma was a Dust Bunny, and a very cute one at that! She is so animated and did a wonderful job with her singing and dancing. Theater may be just up her alley!
Kennedy was a "big blizzard bringer" in Glacierdom. This is a picture of the whole kingdom of Glacierdom.
Here she is posing as a polar bear!

All big stars deserve some flowers at the end of a hard days work! Good Job girls!!!


  1. Great job girls! I'm so glad I got to see it. It was super cute. Hopefully this means many more plays to come!

  2. FOund ya;) Can't wait for more! Loved your play, girls!