Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Landon starts preschool!!

Look at that handsome dude!! Hard to believe our 1st boy is going off to school.... OK, so it is only preschool, and only on Monday's, but he thinks he is hot stuff!! He was so excited to be able to go to "his school" and loves to tell his sisters that they don't go to his school. It is actually a mothers day out program at the Methodist church here in town. He had a great day!!
He was excited to have a new backpack and lunchbox and wanted to carry his "map" (actually his mat for naptime).
When we 1st got there, he was a little nervous, but cheered up when Anna arrived. This is one of many pictures that are sure to make the cut for their wedding video. :)
He is lucky enough to have his two friends Anna and Georgie in his class. I like to refer to them as "Landon and the ladies"! Quite a goodlooking trio wouldn't you agree?
All in all it was a good day for him. It was weird not to have him at home (especially since the elementary school didn't start until the next day so the older kids were all still home), but I know he had a great time!!
We LOVE you Landon!!

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