Tuesday, September 15, 2009

August Hodgepodge

I have been trying to think of how to organize my blog and how to put on the pictures of just random things. I decided that at the end of the month I would just go through and any pictures that I wanted on the blog that hadn't made it, would just go in a "hodge podge" post. So, here is my 1st one.
Below is a picture of all my girlfriends here in Altus when we went out to lunch to celebrate my birthday. We went to a yummy Mexican Restaurant in town. (my fav) I've said it before, but I have wonderful friends here and Altus life certainly wouldn't be so perfect without them!! Thank you ladies for making my day special!
How could I pass up posting this beauty??!! What does this poor boy have in store for him with 3 older sisters? :)
Our good friends the Mumfords went to Utah house hunting and we were lucky enough to have their 2 oldest kids for a couple of nights. We love those kids and it was fun to have them! My kids love them too, so it really was a good time. Here is a picture of the girls reading and playing with Anna before bed. They all wanted to sleep by her. Why couldn't Anna just have 3 sides?
Jacob (child genius, seriously) was so nice and would read to Landon each night before they went to bed. It was sooo cute and Landon liked having a "big brother" for a couple days.
Here is a picture my friend Lisa took of Landon..... I think he is so handsome. Many days that smile may be the one thing that saves him.... :) We love you Landon!!
Here is a picture of my friend Amanda. She was Kennedy's 1st grade teacher and I just love her. She is due about a month behind me and I thought I'd include this "pregnant picture".
A few weeks ago we went to the lake with some of our friends. It was sooo fun. We had dinner and just played. My friend Adreann took some cute pix of the kiddos and I wanted to add them.
Kennedy and Mikey

Needless to say, it was a great month, full of fun and laughs!


  1. I like your hodgepodge idea. We always end up taking a lot of random but noteworthy pics too! What a fun month and what a cute baby belly you have! Can't wait to meet "_____on". :)

  2. I don't like it very much that you are out to lunch with all those fun friends and I am not there too! Is that the favorite mexican place that I went to with you or the new favorite one?

  3. Oh! Looks like you have had a great summer! You look amazing and ummmm can I get some mexican food???