Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rodeo Fun in Altus

Whoever said that fun and exciting things don't happen in Altus Oklahoma, has not witnessed the Cattle drive and Rodeo! :) The morning of the Rodeo, a cattle drives goes through the base and the elementary students all get to come and watch. The boys and I decided to join in the fun. It is always fun to get together with friends and let the little ones run around!
Here are Landon and Ashton just chillin' as they wait for the cows and horses to walk by.
The boys were a bit skeptical of the horses at first and didn't want to pet them. They did want to be close to them though. At least Ashley is brave! :)
Micah got to join us for a few minutes. Just in time to help Landon warm up!
Later that night we were able to go to the actual rodeo. It was military night which meant we got to enjoy a free dinner! No clean up at home is always welcomed!
We arrived early and had dinner and then the kiddos spent lots of time looking at the horses and cows before the rodeo started. Emma said they were feeding them TONS of grass! Oh the simple pleasures! It was a fun night and we even bought a new cowboy hat!!
Here is Landon proving that all of the fun and action isn't just in the arena, but that the bleachers are where it is at!!! Good times!

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  1. Hooray for the Altus Rodeo! A tradition that will always be remembered. Great pics of the kids!