Sunday, September 13, 2009

Showered with Love

Boy do I feel loved!! Even on baby number 6 I got to have a baby shower! I really do have such wonderful friends and feel so blessed to have them in my life.
The shower was for my friend Katherine and I. We are actually due on the same day and she is having a little girl! (her 1st, she has 2 boys... exciting!)
This is a picture of the beautiful table that Jodi decorated! (it was at her house, and she is a wonderful table decorator!) Aren't the diaper cakes so cute! (funny story to follow about those "cakes") Everything was dee-licious!! Below are pix of some of the people who came! What could be more fun than getting together with great women friends, eating yummy food, and celebrating babies!! :) Thanks Lisa for taking the pix! I guess that is how you managed to escape being IN any of them! :)

Here is a shot of Katherine and I! It was a really fun time and I am thankful for all the thoughtful and generous gifts that I received!!! Thanks Ladies!!


  1. Hooray for babies! You totally deserved a shower. Plus, we love an excuse to party! Oh, and there IS a photo of me. See the one with you and Katherine? I'm the one in the mirror with that big fat flash...maybe we should crop that out!

  2. Super cute table! Altus ladies do the BEST showers! You, amazing lady, are looking fabulous! Always so pretty and perfectly together. I miss you all SO much! I'll call and chat soon. Sorry I haven't been good at that! Talk to you soon!

  3. I'm still waiting for thank you for fabric card. :) It was a lot of fun but when is it not fun when we all get together.

  4. Yeah! You have a blog now! Congratulations on your new baby! And tell Amanda congrats too (I used to watch Gavin)!